Thursday, July 8, 2010


I would like to collect comments about The Teacher from those who have read it to publish in The Tiphereth Trilogy. If you would like to buy a copy of The Teacher, please contact us at! The Teacher is $12.98, including shipping. Scroll down to read more about this book!


  1. You have a great website here, Katie! Thanks for sending me the link. You have a wonderful ministry as you write good literature--keep it up! The costumes in the photos are also beautiful! God bless you as you keep seeking and serving Him!

  2. It was a great well written book which I am sure was well researched(regarding dates ect.)! My only advice if I might give some, would be to next book pick a less controversial war\period. Only because you more distributors might be more apt to pick it up. I know alot of the southern book\literature distributors that are very bias and probably wouldnt sell a book which calls their grandparents rebels. :) Overall though I think it was an good book. Keep up the hard work!


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