Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stronger for the Struggle

Although we know what we must do
We struggle hard the whole night through.
Although we know to do what's right,
We fight against the fact all night.
But in the morning, the right pulls through,
We are strong in the purpose true.
After the struggle comes the victory.
We are stronger for the struggle
We are firmer for the fight,
Although the way is hard
We're more determined for the right.
We know we have not been rash-
We've considered every way
And no matter what becomes of us
The right has won the day!
For all of us are just a part
Of God's amazing plan
Our death or life? It matter not
If we but firmly stand.
Victory is not always what it seems.
All we must do is what is right,
God will conquer the fiends of night
As long as we performed our part
For God is calling faithful ones
To stand until their battle's won
God will take care of the war.
So rise up now and let us fight
Never compromise the right.
And if we stand, and fight, and fall,
Were better than to never have stood at all!
We'll be with our maker forever
And eternity!


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