Saturday, August 14, 2010

Color Magic

The people were all walking in God's ways. The sorcerers, and their evil thoughts, were rapidly losing popularity. They realized that they would soon be put to death if they did not get the people under a spell once more. So they worked hard by day and night. Their black magic was out of style; they needed something much more complicated…and fascinating.

Finally they finished, and without letting the people know it was their doing, they called everyone together to see what they had conjured up.
When everyone was seated, the lights dimmed and the red curtains that veiled their enchantment were drawn aside. Suddenly soft, beautiful, moving music began to fill the room. Colors appeared and formed in the likenesses of mountains, trees, sunsets, lakes, and flowers. In the midst of this beautiful scenery, little girls in old-fashioned dresses strolled. Little boys and babies ran and played. Parents smiled around the dinner table.
The audience was charmed, spell-bound, enchanted. The sorcerer's color magic had worked.
The sorcerers chuckled triumphantly as they watched the audience sit smiling as the little boys and babies lisped bad language, as the little girls in dresses and sunbonnets calmly gave their hearts away, and as the parents smilingly attacked each other, marriage, and biblical principles.
By the magic of color, beauty, scenery, costumes, and music, the sorcerers had managed to get the audience to accept a message which they never would have considered for a moment on paper. The audience was emotionally attached to the story they had just seen, and many bought it for home viewing. Some, however, saw through the production and disapproved of the message, walking away without buying it.
As time went on, the sorcerers continued making more and more productions, making the message just a little worse each time. By the time twenty years had passed, the messages of the productions were horrible. Had the sorcerers started with these productions, the audience would have walked away in the first minute. But they had been desensitized to sin.
Some of the people no longer went to see the new productions, realizing how bad they were. Instead they bought remakes of the very first productions and watched them at home, extolling how clean and wholesome they were compared to what most were watching.
And the sorcerers were careful to keep making the color quality better, that the enchantment would not be broken.

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