Saturday, September 4, 2010


I completed and passed the class and now I am certified in CPR and First Aid by the National Safety Council!
I took the class at Delaware Technical and Community College and it was a very good class. There were a few sections that made me personally grimace a little (like burns, compound fractures, and impaled objects) but the rest was really fine. We had a workbook to complete and a DVD to watch in class.
It was not a difficult class; and contained some information that it might be helpful for everyone to know. I got to take home a copy of the DVD, my workbook, and a Quick Guide to emergencies. Also my Certificates! They gave me two certificates for in my portfolio, one for CPR and one for First Aid, two business card sized certificates for in my wallet to prove I'm certified on the go.
So I am very excited to be certified!

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