Saturday, March 19, 2011

Loyal Basileians and a Great New Gadget!

First, I want to tell you about blogger's new gadget.  I have been wishing there were something like this.
I love followers, but many of the people I know don't have blogs.  (Some should really get one, though!)  Now, you can follow my blog by e-mail if you don't have a blog.  Scroll down on the left sidebar to where it says "Followers".  Right above that, there is now a gadget that says, "Follow by E-mail."  Type your e-mail address in and click "Submit."  Verify that you are not a machine:) and you will recieve updates by e-mail!

I also wanted to tell you about my new blog!

Loyal Basileians is for those who love The Tiphereth Trilogy and want to find out more about the country of Basileia!  We will feature a different character from the story each month, and you can access great extras such as a family tree, pictures, character profiles, and coming soon: Basileian songs!  Be sure to stop by this beautiful blog and experience how awesome it is!

And you can follow Loyal Basileians by e-mail too!  It is at the top of the right sidebar!

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