Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roses and a great post

First, the "poem" I mentioned, written years ago when I first read L.M. Montgomery's "Anne's House of Dreams."

Roses, Roses, a gift from above.
White Roses, white roses, forsaken love.
Pink Roses, pink roses, love expectant,
Red Roses, red roses, love triumphant.

I liked that each color had a meaning! 

While speaking of L. M. Montgomery,  I was reading The Story Girl and found a reference to a Henty book!  The children are going to go pick berries or something, but the oldest brother prefers to stay home and finish reading his new Henty!  I enjoy finding references like this in my books.

I only just read this, but there is a wonderful post on Romance and Literature that everyone should read!  It's on the Ballantyne the Brave blog.  Here is the link:

And the best sentence (with the previous sentence for context) to get you started...

"Be careful, though, that you don't fill your mind with unrealistic ideas about who your spouse should be. Mr. Darcy is much too busy answering mail from his fan club to think about marrying you."

And by the way, how did Mr. Darcy get to be the poster child for every girl's ideal?

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