Friday, April 15, 2011

A Song in the Making...

Oftentimes when a certain concept has been really striking me or lying heavy on my mind for a while, I come to a point where I need to overflow and it's often onto paper.  I enjoy writing so this is a familiar way for me to free my mind.  If I'm in the middle of a story and I can work it in, I'll do so, perhaps causing some indignant words to flow from the mouths of my characters that seem incongruent with the story.  If, like now, I am trying to take a break from writing books to catch up on the myriad of other things that make up my life, these thoughts remain pent up in my mind a little longer...which almost always causes them to end up on paper with a rhyme, a rythym, and a bit of tune...
Could be called the lyrics to a song...

After a bit of perfecting I take my laptop to the piano and try and put my tune on the keys, which usually results in my recording to my laptop a new little bit of piano playing.
Which said recording has definite tune to it, but would be rather lame as an actual song if it were just piano and singing.
I personally am partial to the sound of electric guitar (especially bass) and drum sets.  Sadly (to me anyway)we don't own those instruments despite the fact that we have a whole collection of instruments including some (very) unusual ones. 
With a bit of drum added to the piano, perhaps a violin, and an acoustic or electric guitar, these songs wouldn't be all that bad.  But for now I am leaving them at the piano stage.

I thought I would post some of the lyrics to one of my more recent songs, called:
The world around us

feeds us worldviews

different than God’s word

And oftentimes we suck it in

They say “Someday your Prince will come”

But that’s not always true

They say no harm will be done

Make last first kiss sound so sweet

They call good bad and evil good

They make good look dark and scary

They put the bad in a field of flowers

With a sunset, water and sparkly lights

But it’s all


It doesn’t look as popular

nor as beautiful to you

Because you’ve been deceived

And accepted their worldview

They make the story however they want

Stealing gets applause and truthfulness a grunt

Rebellion is applauded while obedience decried,

In real life it doesn’t work that way it’s an outright lie

But they make the lies seem beautiful

and wickedness so cool

That we easily get drawn away

and allow the lies to rule

And their lies lead to destruction

their path leads down to death

so guard your heart, mind, soul, and eyes

with every waking breath

Cause it’s all fairytales

They capture your heart

and excite your poor mind

They capture your fancy and

make wiser eyes blind

They draw you away and

They poison your mind

They make you start looking

For things you can’t find

When you should seek God and

to live by His law for their

attractive lies are fairytales

and aren’t true at all

God’s word alone contains the truth

though the path is narrow and the way is hard

that path alone will lead to life

so follow it with all you are

Cause the world cannot give you truth

the best that they can give you is a dressed up lie

And it’s all Fairytales

This isn't the entire song but these are the best lines and will give you the general idea.  What do you think?

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  1. Hello! I found you from Kelsey's blog. Your book called "The Teacher" looks wonderful. I enjoy most books about the Civil War--always on the lookout for a new one.

    Just wanted to stop by and say "hi".
    ~ Tarissa


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