Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Tiphereth Trilogy

(book 1)

The Kingdom is degenerating into apathy and selfishness. The prejudiced cities will not join to fight against the enemy. When the King, their common bond, dies, all hope seems lost.

However, the King's grandson Aramoth, though young, has wisdom beyond his years. He claims the throne and tries to unite the cities, but they will not follow him. Only the High King can help...but will He choose to?

(book 2)

Aramoth sets out with his army. Many battles are fought and won, but when the enemy himself joins his legions to fight the Basileians, certain death awaits...were it not for the Man who arrives to fight by Aramoth's side.

(book 3)

Just when the Basileians have almost lost all their freedom, they begin to value it. Will the High King have mercy on His people and forgive them, or will He give them the final punishment they deserve?

The Tiphereth Trilogy--Coming Out Soon!

from Providence Publications

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