Saturday, June 1, 2013


I work with some teenagers who desperately hit on girls without any concept of what they are doing wrong.  As I observed I felt the need to give some "older sisterly" tips to anyone who may not know this already or who may need a refresher:

~Do us the honor of getting to know a girl as a person before hitting on her.

~Girls do a lot to be productive, responsible, and more attractive.  They're not going to go for irresponsible boys who lay around all day living unproductive, vicarious lifestyles through animated figures or actors.  Think what you can do now to become more of a man.

~Become a nicer person and treat everyone with more respect.

~View all girls and women as God views them...His daughters.  And He's always chaperoning. 

~Work on being clean and organized.  That's classy and really impressive to a girl.


~Be clear about your intentions.  You just want to be friends?  Make that clear from the beginning.  Don't get anyone's hopes up.

~Take control of your limbs.  Know where your arms and legs are.  Try not to knock stuff over or crash into stuff if at all possible because you never know when there's a girl or a kid there.

~GIRLS DO NOT RANDOMLY HAND OUT THEIR NUMBERS.  If you want a number, you're going to have to ask for it.  Get a dictionary and look up the word PURSUE.  That is your job not ours.

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