Friday, December 24, 2010

A Special Christmas Treat

A sneak peak at Tiperet, the third book in the Tiphereth Trilogy, with an introduction to one of the main families!

The Tamam Family

"It was a crisp, clear autumn day when the Tamam family arrived. Ynyth and Gwynarae were the same, only a few years older. Mimnesko Eucharistia, whom Aramoth and Aramiel had never seen, was four years old and a very sweet little boy. Eirene was eight and looked very much as Theria had at that age, only Eirene was more playful and less serious than Theria had been at that age. The twins—Endikos and Hupakoe—were fine manly boys of eleven years, who looked as if they had been going through the same physical training Aramoth had at that age. But then they saw Eleutheria. Eleutheria was small and shorter than Aramiel, but very beautiful. Always mature for her age, she was now, though only sixteen, a woman. The dignity she had always been known for as a girl became her even better now, and it displayed itself in her quiet voice and in the way she carried herself. Her long, dark, wavy hair was twisted on the back of her head to accommodate traveling. Theria’s brown eyes were not only very beautiful, but expressed wisdom and discretion."

…The Tiphereth Trilogy, Tiperet, pg. 227

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