Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiphereth Trilogy Cover

These two pictures both had an equal number of votes!  I have put the pictures together as covers.  Which of these two covers would make you decide to buy the book right away? :)


Sorry the pictures turned out blurry.  The picture was taken of my computer screen.  These show the basic idea, though.  To see the pictures better you can scroll down a little and there are clear photos of these two pictures.

Please comment and let me know which ones you like!  You can either vote on the poll to the left of the first picture, or leave a comment!  So if you read this post, please vote!


  1. I vote for cover #2!

    Mrs. Wilkening

  2. Cover #2!!!! The people in the background make me interested in the story. I am wondering what is going on, for example, 'Who is that girl in the background, what is her role in the story?' While book #1 just has allot of miscellaneous people on it.


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