Friday, February 4, 2011

Proof-reading completed!

I have completed the lengthy process of reading my proofs!
When you write a book, and you know what happens, and then you read it a whole lot of times, it is no longer interesting and is difficult to read and correct.  Because you know what you meant to say, it can be hard to catch corrections.

This picture happens to be one of my all-time favorite paintings.

After I find the corrections I have to mark them and send the proofs back.  I also have to send a new digital file and hard copy of the pages that were corrected.  The proofs have been mailed, and the estimated arrival date is Thursday.  If so, then counting 20 business days from Friday, my books will be done and shipped back to me.  Allowing 2 weeks for shipping,  they should be printing and in my hands by March 25th.  Perfect timing.  They may arrive sooner, but March 25th is the official release date.  Be sure to pre-order so you can get your copies ASAP!  E-mail us at to order. 
Then hopefully, soon after March 25th, the long-awaited, much-expected, The Tiphereth Trilogy, will be in your hands and you will look like one of these pictures!

More updates to come!

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